Conservation does not mean capitalism or consumption
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Many companies and industries worldwide are scrambling to develop alternative energy technology and infrastructure in order to transition from fossil fuel sources and additionally reduce their environmental footprint. Despite these efforts there remain very few readily applicable and affordable Reliant Energy solutions provided to mainstream consumer culture. Unfortunately, most investors have devoted their resources into spurious, gimmicky, and wholly inappropriate schemes.

Hybrid automobiles, for instance, were initially touted by automobile industry giants as a great leap in energy efficiency and environmentally-sound technology. Although hybrid automobiles have slightly greater fuel efficiency they require more overall lifetime energy costs due to the research, development, manufacturing and shipping costs of their specialized parts and battery systems. Hybrid fuel cell technology typically depends on large amounts of nickel, the extraction of which is extremely environmentally destructive. Ecologically concerned consumers may prefer to switch to used, older model diesel vehicles that run on biodiesel or straight vegetable oil in order to save money and avoid the environmental costs associated with the manufacturing and development of hybrid technology.

In general, reducing energy costs as well as lowering environmental impact are best accomplished not by purchasing new gadgets or technologies but by lowering fuel use and consumption.

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