Green Movement Milestones
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Today’s Green Movement arose in part from an awakening of environmental sensitivities over half-a-century ago with the publication of Rachel Carson’s seminal work, “Silent Spring,” which heightened awareness of how poisoned our world was becoming.In the 1960s, the Wilderness Act limited dam construction and other intrusions into public lands and landmarks. The EPA was founded, and the modern Green Movement was now a matter of public policy.

The movement accelerated in the 1970s. Earth Day was started. Congress passed the Clean Air Act and the Read the rest of this entry »

Inside the Environmental Protection Agency
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Learning more about the governmental agencies and committees that have been tasked with protecting the environment can open many doors for activists and those who are concerned about the state of the natural world. Educating yourself about the political process could provide you with the chance to become a more active and effective force for change. Lacking a basic understanding of how the Environmental Protection Agency and other organisations responsible for the regulation of industry and pollution function could be costing you the chance Read the rest of this entry »

Volunteer Your Energy For Energy
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Making wise energy choices is a practice that environmental activists, business owners and almost everyone else should be able to agree on, at least in principle. When we consume less energy we save money directly and reduce environmental impact. One of the best places to start is to stay informed about options for energy choices on the individual, household, business and community level.

Using your knowledge to make good individual choices like walking or cycling instead of driving when possible are great. Read the rest of this entry »

A Long Term Oil Outlook
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The future of oil is something that many people are concerned about. If there is no oil, then there will be no way to get gas for people to put in their vehicles. There are several things that determine the future of oil. The disruption in the Middle East is one of the key factors in the future of the oil industry. If the amount of fighting increases in countries that supply our oil, then the price of oil would increase as well. Countries Read the rest of this entry »

Which Batteries to Buy and Why
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Batteries are a huge part of modern society, with an increasing number of items relying on batteries. It has long been known that batteries are bad for the environment, and although some manufacturers are making strides, batteries remain an environmental threat. Batteries are responsible for a large majority of the nation’s mercury contamination and are normally not disposed of properly. Fortunately, there are a growing number of environmentally friendly options.

Rechargeable batteries are more environmentally friendly than their disposable counterparts. That is due largely to the fact Read the rest of this entry »

What to Expect for Gas Prices in the Near Future
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The price of gasoline is a point of contention with nearly everybody. Simple errands and family activities are now something to be weighed against the cost of gasoline and how necessary the short jaunts are. Analysts have been warning consumers that gas prices will steadily increase and soon the normal price for gasoline will be upwards of five dollars a gallon.

These ridiculous prices will hit everybody in the pocketbook, one way or another. The price of goods and services will continue to increase to make up for the increasing cost of Read the rest of this entry »

Energy Commodities in the Markets
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You don’t have to do large things in order to conserve our environment and our energy resources. You don’t have to start a solar plant or plant thousands of trees in order to protect and guard the environment. You can start with small things. One of the easiest thing you can do is to stop buying disposable, plastic water bottles. Instead, in today’s market, there are a lot of stainless steel water bottles that can be reused over and over again. By doing this, we decrease the number Read the rest of this entry »

Conservation does not mean capitalism or consumption
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Many companies and industries worldwide are scrambling to develop alternative energy technology and infrastructure in order to transition from fossil fuel sources and additionally reduce their environmental footprint. Despite these efforts there remain very few readily applicable and affordable Reliant Energy solutions provided to mainstream consumer culture. Unfortunately, most investors have devoted their resources into spurious, gimmicky, and wholly inappropriate schemes.

Hybrid automobiles, for instance, were initially touted by automobile industry giants as a great leap in energy efficiency and environmentally-sound technology. Although hybrid automobiles have slightly greater fuel efficiency they require more overall lifetime energy costs due to the research, development, manufacturing and shipping costs of their specialized parts and battery systems. Hybrid fuel cell technology typically depends on large amounts of nickel, the extraction of which is extremely environmentally destructive. Ecologically concerned consumers may prefer to switch to used, older model diesel vehicles that run on biodiesel or straight vegetable oil in order to save money and avoid the environmental costs associated with the manufacturing and development of hybrid technology.

In general, reducing energy costs as well as lowering environmental impact are best accomplished not by purchasing new gadgets or technologies but by lowering fuel use and consumption.

Virtual Energy Forum
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If perhaps you’re travel budget is limited and you can’t attend an upcoming energy forum, or perhaps you’d rather enjoy the energy forum in a more environmentally friendly manner, consider registering for the Virtual Energy Forum, an annual event most recently held June 16th-17th. The cost is free to any interested parties with the entire event taking place over the internet. Keynote speakers present in streaming video formats and questions can be submitted and answered in real time just as if every person was in the same conference center. A live chat function is also made available in order to converse with other attendees and exchange contract information, as well as people who post exhibits on the virtual exhibit floor, featuring the latest energy saving products and solutions. Video presentations on relevant energy issues can also be easily watched as you select the highpoints of the conference that most appeal to you and your energy interests. Read the rest of this entry »

The Downfall of Ethanol
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This decade has brought on a serious change in the energy mentality of the United States. After the oil crisis of the ’70s, we settled back into a pattern of unsustainable, guilt-free consumption. But in the last few years, consistently high oil prices have finally created a push to find more sustainable, alternative energy sources. One of the more popular of these alternatives has been biofuel, including ethanol and biodiesel. Read the rest of this entry »